These photographs of the Bob Boyd Sounds were made at The Afterthought Lounge on September 12th, 2005.

By the way, these are the band's summer outfits. They usually wear matching blaziers, ties, and slacks, or tuxedos as the occasion calls for.


The Bob Boyd Sounds, (l-r) Pat Henry, Bob Boyd, David Higginbotham, and Randy McDonald.

Bandleader Bob Boyd looks over a list of "Requests."

Bob smiles as he and the band play one of their most "Requested" tunes.

Bob, Pat, and David wail on a tune.

David, Pat, and Randy loosen up.

David does the lead vocals on many of the tunes.

Pat belts out a trumpet solo.

Randy really enjoys playing those "Requests."

A UALR videographer focuses in on Randy's vocal abilities.

Bob and David jam it up!

David, Pat, and Randy keep it tight.

Bob grins as he plays.

Bob and David harmonize.

Pat solos again as some of the crowd grooves along.

Bob, David, and Pat do a little three part.

Bob shows off one of his vocal stylings.

David is way off into his bass solo.

Close up of Pat on another solo.

Close up of Bob as he croons another "Request."

Randy swings with the lead vocal on "Fly Me to the Moon."

Pat lays it down on the valve slush-pump as David and Randy accompany.

David ad-libs once again.

Bob and dear friend Jim Porter Jr.

David roars on another lead vocal.

David, Pat, and Randy lay back on another "Request."

And finally Bob keeps asking himself, "Just what is that little thing dangling from the ceiling? Dang thing's been up there all night."

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