I have always believed it was God Who put the 4 of us together. Pat Henry was my friend. He, David Higginbotham, Randy McDonald and I created, with God’s help, the Bob Boyd Sounds, a truly professional band, dubbed “The World’s Smallest Big Band.”

 Pat was a blessing to us musically, and as a friend. We traveled many a mile together, and as a result, we got to know each other pretty well. Pat loved to tell stories. He had a quick wit and laughed a lot.

In addition to trumpet, valve trombone and flute, he played piano and guitar well, often taking over at the piano while I took a break or played accordion. He shared his ideas and worked hard with us to create a sound that was new to the Little Rock and Arkansas market; 4 musicians who play and also sing, not only solo, but in tight 4 part harmony. Our first arrangements were written. Then we started improvising back-up vocals to each other’s solo work. This goes on to the present time, with the permanent installation of Dr. Sim Flora on trombone and flute, singing Pat’s alto parts.

Pat was so well known because he worked with so many Arkansas musicians. He played in country, rock and rhythm and blues bands. Many of you may not know, he was an accomplished choirmaster and associate pastor of his church. He was a master piano tuner and technician, and tuned over 1000 pianos a year.

I am so very grateful for Pat’s friendship, for the many projects we attempted and accomplished, and for the many engagements we played together over an almost 20 year period, perhaps 1000 or more. But mostly I’m grateful to God for bringing Pat Henry, his friendship and his many creative gifts into our lives. He touched thousands of other lives in the same way and everyone is the better for having met and known Pat Henry.

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