Where Can I Hear the Bob Boyd Sounds?

We are often asked, "Where are you playing, so I can come and hear your band?" Almost all of our engagements are private parties like weddings and receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, company parties and conventions. Unfortunately for us and for our potential audiences, most restaurants, clubs and lounges don't hire bands that play our classic forms of jazz, popular and show music. But don't expect all our songs (or any of our songs) to sound the same. Just about the time you think you have us "pigeonholed" as one type of band, we will astonish you with a tune that is totally different! Please see below where you can catch us in person in public!

 The Bob Boyd Sounds
Calendar of Public Appearances.


We are now listed with the Arkansas Arts Council's "Artists on Tour" Program. They will pay a percentage of the cost of our concerts for qualifying non-profit organizations, such as churches and charities. If you would like to arrange a concert for your church or organization, contact Jess Anthony at Arkansas Arts Council at 324-9768 or jess@arkansasheritage.org. -- Bob Boyd

"If you would like us to keep you informed as to where you can come see and hear us, please click HERE to send your e-mail address to Bob! Or we will happily accept your email information in person at one of our appearances"       

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